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Honored Partners
Mrs. Susan Stewart
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ואתה תצוה את בני ישראל ...להעלות נר תמיד

An evening of connection, inspiration and song
as we mark 28 years from Gimmel Tamuz

The Gala

One night before Gimmel Tamuz, join as we celebrate the tremendous achievements we’ve made possible through our support of, and partnership with, JEM Foundation.

Take part as we launch the next wave of technologies and projects, assuring that the Rebbe’s voice of clarity remains ever-present in a world that, now more than ever, is thirsty for his leadership and inspiration.

Together, we’ll be charting the course toward a whole new reality.

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Honored Partners

Your partnership has enabled millions of experiences with the Rebbe through the precious video, audio, photos and stories.









2022 to date



Couvert: Couple, $1,800. Individual, $1,000 Your generous support makes JEM’s work possible.

The members of the JEM Foundation share a deep commitment to assuring that the Rebbe’s image, voice, teachings and life-story are shared with ever-growing audiences in an authentic, relevant, and impactful manner. 

The Foundation serves as an incubator for new content, delivery channels and technologies by makes strategic investments into the key areas of the JEM organization, focusing on healthy, sustainable, consistent growth, rather than near-term survivability.

The Foundation’s investment into JEM is the basis for all of JEM’s work, making the Rebbe accessible to ever-expanding audiences. 


JEM Foundation Honorary Chairs

George and Pamela Rohr

New York, New York

120-year innovators

Grinshtein Family

Houston, Texas

Eliyahu and Inna Kholodenko and Family

Toronto, Canada

George and Pamela Rohr

New York, New York

Zusha and Shulamis Tenenbaum

Miami, Florida


Rabbi Yaakov and Sarah Amar

Paris, France

Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch

Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Michael Maling

Chicago, Illinois

Rabbi Yossi and Tzalcha Amar

Paris, France

Ari and Naomi Greenwald

Westlake Village, California

Levi and Lauren Nagel

Los Angeles, California

Eduardo and Leticia Azar

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Rabbi Aron and Shira Grinshtein

Johannesburg, South Africa

Zev and Lieba Rudolph

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Yaakov and Karen Cohen

Baltimore, Maryland

Yossi and Nechama Katz

Brooklyn, New York

Danny and Gabi Shapiro

Bal Harbour, Florida

Yehuda and Yocheved Daphna

Punta Gorda, Florida

David and Margarita Khazanski

Toronto, Canada

Avi and Bracha Shaulson

Miami, Florida

Benyamin and Rochel Federman

Parkland, Florida

Eliezer and Nicole Kornhauser

Melbourne, Australia

Michael and Ricki Verbitsky

Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Dovid and Gittel Fischer

Brooklyn, New York

Uri and Bassie Laber

Miami Beach, Florida

Reuven and Chana

Paris, France

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Thank You!

Together, we've been bringing the Rebbe to men women and children around the world.

We look forward to seeing you on June 30!

Thursday, June 30, 2022
6:30 PM

TWA Hotel
One Idlewild Drive
Queens, New York 11430